Titan Maximum
Season 1, Episode 2
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Tip of the Iceberg

The newly re-formed Titan Force Five already faces extinction by their own thankless government. Meanwhile a squad of marines attempt to hunt down the evil Gibbs but are thwarted by Gibbs's associate Clare.

Air Date:


Written by:

Geoff Johns, Tom Root, Matthew Senreich, Zeb Wells

Directed by:

Chris McKay


Rachael Leigh Cook (Jodi), Eden Espinosa (Sasha), Seth Green (Gibbs, Martian Prime Minister, Marine #1), Breckin Meyer (Palmer), Dan Milano (Willie, President Keith Caylo), Adrianne Palicki (Clare), Tom Root (Spud, Dark Willie), Matthew Senreich, Zeb Wells (Marine #3), Billy Dee Williams (Admiral Bitchface)


Admiral Bitchface, Clare, Dark Willie, Gibbs, Jodi, Leon, Marines, Palmer, President Keith Caylo, Martian Prime Minister, Sasha, Spud, Willie


Willie's Sorry That He Didn't Have Time to Finish the Face!


Admiral Bitchface remembers the time
Titan Maximum degraded the Statue of Unity

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