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Dark Willie’s real name is Greg. He picked up the name Dark Willie during his high school days, working with Willie Palmer at a smoothie joint. Willie was the nerd everyone liked. Greg was the nerd everyone hated. Since they both wore thick glasses and had similar nerd interests and nerd fashion sense, they became Willie and Dark Willie in the eyes of the other employees.

Dark Willie thinks it’s absolute crap that Willie gets to be part of Titan Force Five. Dark Willie considers it his life’s mission to "get" Willie. "Getting" Willie so far consists of posting mean messages about Willie on the SolarNet. Dark Willie really isn’t much of a threat.

Willie and Dark Willie still hang out together. They’re in the same roleplaying league at the local comic book store. Dark Willie makes snide remarks about Willie when Willie gets up to use the restroom or runs to get a soda.

Dark Willie

Tom Root

Voiced By Tom Root

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