Gibson "Gibbs" Giberstein




Lieutenant (Former Rank)



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The former second-in-command of Titan Force Five, Gibbs rankled under Palmer’s command. He considered himself Palmer’s superior in every category: maturity, intelligence, courage, strength and patriotism. His one career obstacle: the powers that be simply didn’t trust his judgment. They saw him as ruthless and self-serving, with a mean streak he could never quite conceal. Rather than rid himself of these qualities, Gibbs decided to embrace them; he quit the team and started a secret quest for power.

Gibbs views the solar system as a chaotic mess, with its mixture of democracies, plutocracies, aristocracies and dictatorships working against one another and against themselves. Gibbs’ goal is to unite them all under his rule and finally get the solar system pulling in one direction, whatever it takes. Gibbs is one of the few beings with knowledge of alien civilizations that lie beyond the boundaries of the solar system, and he knows it’s only a matter of time before the solar system is threatened by them. If the solar system remains fractured, it doesn’t have a prayer against the aliens when they invade. In effect, Gibbs sees himself as the savior of the solar system—and he’s not afraid to crack some eggs to make that omelet happen.

Free from military structure, discipline and ethics, Gibbs is finally free to give the middle finger to the world—and he does so, literally, every chance he gets. Any opponent or underling gets flipped the bird by Gibbs on a regular basis, and it’s practically his trademark signoff during video communications.

Gibbs still has a huge amount of resentment for his former team and how he feels he was treated by them. He’d love to see them all die in a fiery explosion, especially Palmer and Sasha. He doesn’t hate his former girlfriend Jodi with as much intensity, but he delights in tormenting her with memories of their breakup—how he used her and then dumped her—whenever she’s within earshot.


"I've given it a lot of thought, and I've decided that I need a change of pace so I figured that I'd, I dunno, conquer the solar system, crush all who oppose me and name myself Super King Bignuts."

Seth Green

Voiced By Seth Green

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