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Cheerful and determined, Jodi is a workhorse hell-bent on improving herself in every way. The flip side of that driven nature is the private doubt Jodi suffers that she’s not good enough and never will be.

Jodi feels like she’s forever on the losing end of their rivalry. Jodi’s a nice girl, while Sasha has all the fun. Jodi’s the freshly scrubbed Girl Next Door who’d make a perfect public face for Titan Force Five, but Sasha grabs all the headlines. Jodi spent her whole life training her brains out for her military career, while Sasha, as the Titan President’s daughter, simply gets what she wants. Jodi just barely outranks Sasha, and delights in any opportunity to remind her younger, flashier competitor of that fact.

Jodi was smitten with Gibbs, attracted to his strength and self-confidence. She was crushed when he dumped her, and now berates herself for falling for someone so evil. More than any other team member, Jodi sees things as black and white—so if she fell for someone evil, does that make her evil? Or just stupid? It’s self-doubt like this that keeps this strong and capable young woman from truly living up to her potential.



Rachael Leigh Cook

Voiced By Rachael Leigh Cook

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