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Dashing, dark, dreamy and cool, Palmer is everything his little brother Willie isn’t. Guys are impressed by Palmer’s heroic feats of derring-do, and girls want to run their fingers through his spiky anime hair. Palmer is effortless excellence—high school class president without really trying, top of his class at the Titan Naval Academy, the ace of his fighter squadron before getting drafted into the elite of all elites—Titan Force Five.

Palmer had a colossal ego even before racking up his string of successes, and now his head is the size of a small moon. To the outside world, he’s smooth enough to make his egotism seem charming, but to those close to him, his ego can be incredibly grating.

Despite this, Palmer deep down is a caring guy. He considered Gibbs to be one of his closest friends before the latter turned evil, was worried after Jodi was arrested for treason, and even stopped rednecks on Eris from taking his brother's virginity.

He never takes anything seriously even in the face of danger, a cocky trait that causes a lot of trouble for him and his comrades. An example of this flaw is how Palmer often stops fighting momentarily to make jokes and remarks, often when time is scarce.

Having his loser brother Willie as a member of the team is Palmer’s worst nightmare. Palmer is a model of perfection. His brother is sheer imperfection. And Palmer doesn’t want imperfection associated with him in any way. Despite Willie being his public shame, Palmer is privately proud when his brother succeeds, and he’ll make it his mission in life to make Willie a Palmer worthy of the name.

Palmer has a first name, but he’s simply been "Palmer" as long as he or anyone else can remember. At some point his first name will be revealed in a "They named the dog Indiana" moment.



"Punch the F*#K out of it!"

Breckin Meyer

Voiced By Breckin Meyer

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