Titan Maximum
Season 1, Episode 1
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Two years after being disbanded, Titan Force Five must regroup when former team member Gibbs turns evil; Meek nerd Willie and the janitor Leon find themselves thrust into the middle of the action as they take the places of Gibbs and Spuds.

Air Date:


Written by:

Tom Root, Matthew Senreich

Directed by:

Chris McKay


Rachael Leigh Cook (Jodi Yanarella, Sensor Tech), Eden Espinosa (Sasha Caylo, Female Fightercraft Pilot), Donald Faison (Cadet #3, Idiotic Club Moron, Warship Commander), Seth Green (Lt. Gibbs, Fightercraft Leader, Sluttina), Breckin Meyer (Commander Palmer, Sluttasia), Dan Milano (Willie Palmer, TV News Reporter, Warship Navigator), Tom Root ("Spud" Cunningham, Cadet #2), Matthew Senreich (Cadet #5, Curious Paparazo, DJ), Zeb Wells (Tank Commander, Cadet #6)


Gibbs, Jodi, Leon, Palmer, Sasha, Spud, Tank Commander, Willie


Titan Maximum Punches the F**K Out of an Evil Robot


The New Titan Force Five Forms
Titan Maximum For the First Time

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