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A popular leader with a "Titan first" attitude, unafraid of cheesing off the rest of the solar system when forced to choose between Titan’s best interests vs. everyone else’s. Stiff and stilted, a policy wonk through and through, his lengthy speeches are legendarily boring—he’ll rally Titan through deeds, not words.

Despite the grief his daughter Sasha causes him, his political team sees her as a double-edged sword who provides them as many advantages as disadvantages. The discovery of her sex tape nearly lost him an election, yet having a "wild child" tabloid darling for a daughter has humanized the otherwise frosty President Caylo. Parents throughout the solar system can feel nothing but sympathy for the man every time incriminating photos of his daughter surface.

President Caylo is pragmatic to a fault. Even though Titan Force Five was a great source of national pride, Caylo shelved the program the instant it was impractical to keep paying its bills. He eventually restores funding to Titan Force Five only grudgingly, at the insistence of his daughter. He might be the President of Titan but he’s still powerless to deny the whims of his little girl.

President Keith Caylo

"Love them or hate them, we've got to bring back Titan Maximum!"

Dan Milano

Voiced By Dan Milano

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