Sasha Caylo




Lieutenant Junior Grade



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Troy Hammerschmiddtt

Sasha is about as subtle as a sonic boom; she’s the perfect storm of qualities that make tabloid editors wet themselves with excitement. Not only is Sasha a sultry knockout who parades herself around at all the highest of high society functions, she’s also the daughter of Titan’s President and a pilot in the legendary Titan Force Five.

With a wealthy and famous father who feared his daughter could one day become a target of his political enemies, Sasha was trained in self-defense techniques practically from birth. She’s an accomplished martial artist and excels in close-fighting weapons. She trained as a pilot specifically because her father forbade it, then followed it with an escalating series of dangerous hobbies, such as fireboarding—a form of snowboarding, popular on Jupiter’s moon Io, where one boards down the sides of lava-spewing volcanoes.

Sasha lives for drama and if there isn’t a fresh maelstrom for her to insert herself into, she’ll create one. She delights in planting seeds of conflict in those around her. And she barely has any ability to sympathize anyone else’s feelings; it’s always all about Sasha, every conversation, every situation, every event. It’s all about Sasha.

Despite an extensive network of party pals and boy toys, Sasha frequently battles crushing bouts of loneliness. She looks down her nose at Jodi, the boring goody-goody, but envies Jodi’s ability to really care about people and be cared about in return. Sasha understands that life as an attention whore is all instant gratification with no long-term rewards. Rather than make her change her ways, this fact only makes Sasha meaner.



Eden Espinosa

Voiced By Eden Espinosa

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