Spud Cunningham


27 (deceased)


Chief Petty Officer



First Appearance:

Not Yet

Chunky and slow-witted, but loveable and loyal, Spud was the heart of Titan Force Five during its glory years. Palmer’s ego, Gibbs’ bitterness, Jodi’s shyness and Sasha’s selfishness would have shattered the team without Spud’s huge heart and friendly nature. Spud’s infectious laugh and bear hugs were enough to defuse any tension, and he never thought twice about throwing himself into harm’s way to aid a teammate.

Spud was a man of big appetites, especially for food, booze, drugs, sex and balconies; eventually those appetites claimed his life far too early. His skills as a pilot and a warrior are replaceable, but his power to keep Titan Force Five working together as a happy family is sorely missed.


Spud Cunningham


Tom Root

Voiced By Tom Root

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