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Dark Willie

Willie is a lifelong super-nerd who’s suddenly living the super-nerd’s dream. One day, he’s just another recluse in his parents’ basement reading comic books. The next, he’s practically a real live superhero with the eyes of the solar system upon him, an actual member of Titan Force Five (!!!)—and teammates with Sasha Caylo, with whom he’s desperately infatuated.

It’s a daunting life change, but Willie is almost too naive to care. If something is cool, that’s what’s more important than anything. Life-and-death space battles? He’s not afraid—space battles are too cool! The fate of the solar system hangs in the balance? Oh well—he gets to build cool robots!

Willie is all technical know-how with a dearth of practical skills, a graduate of DeVry he can design amazing mecha technology, but it falls to Leon to actually pick up the tools and bring the blueprints to life. Willie, the outcast, and Leon, the monkey, are often paired on missions while Palmer and the two girls go off in a different direction. Leon doesn’t care—he’s a monkey—but Willie longs to be one of the cool kids…because being a cool kid would be so cool!

For the most part, Willie is oblivious to his brother’s discomfort, but when Palmer’s stinging rebukes get through to him, they really hurt. Willie has always looked up to his older brother as a god, and the last thing Willie wants to do is let him down. It’s just about the only thing that can snap Willie out of his geeky mindset and make him take the task at hand seriously: he’s got to make Palmer proud of him!

His brother never acknowledges Willie. Willie wants the glory just like his brother, but never gets a break.

Willie is deeply blinded to see through his brother and the others. No one takes him seriously.


Dan Milano

Voiced By Dan Milano

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